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  • K Haring Circle Catchall

    • 4” D x 1.4” H 
    • 6 mm Thick Crystal Glass
    • Iconic Keith Haring Artwork
    • Press-Molded Design
    • Laser-Engraved Logo
    • Heat-Resistant Construction
    • Hand Polished

    Keith Haring’s legendary imagery transports from street to sesh with the K.Haring Circle Catchall. Forged from heat-resistant crystal glass, this centerpiece exhibits steep walls that are perfect for housing smoking accessories and small items. 

    Haring’s artistry is brought to life with bold outlines and contrasting colors. The exterior of this smoking essential is laser-engraved with Haring’s signature. 

    The Circle Catchall is packaged in a box with thick walls and compressed foam inserts. The packaging features Haring’s artwork and signature.

    © Keith Haring Foundation.
    Licensed by Artestar, New York

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