About Us

Welcome to Stogz, a resource to all those already participating, and to those just embarking upon our rich smoking culture. Stogz is a smoke shop located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, where we pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for all your exotic and diverse smoking needs.

Whether a connoisseur of cannabis, hookah or vape, our vast assortment of products and variety of goods is sure to blow your mind. Be assured, at Stogz, you will find your choice of high!

As the positive, social culture of smoking matures, we are here to serve all those who choose to participate in the movement, and subsequently, provide an upgrade to your arsenal of tools to give you that direct lift to cloud nine! 

Poised to bring you premium products of the highest quality, including exclusive hand pipes, grinders, bongs, hookahs, roll-your-own tobacco, storage jars, and vaporizers; the list is endless. With Stogz, the smokers’ paradise is never far away.

At Stogz, we believe each time you light-up, should be the best you get lit-up. Stogz will help you find your high to ensure your voyage to bliss is as comfortable and gratifying as possible.

Stogz brings you 100% satisfaction throughout: Browse our inventory. Select from a bountiful, assortment of products. And, most importantly, ‘FIND YOUR HIGH.’ 

— Stogz Management